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The Commercial Division at Excel Mechanical specializes on servicing, equipment upgrades, preventative maintenance, retro-fits, energy management, temperature controls and construction on an extensive assortment of different types of buildings. The goal of this team is to provide mission control in critical environments both HVAC and Plumbing. Excel provides extensive training on managing all circumstances that can occur in the field. We perform a wide variety of work for all owners and owners’ representatives from comfort heating, cooling to telecommunication equipment, heating swimming pools, and ventilation for clean air environments.

Heating and Cooling
• Roof top units (RTU's)
• Chillers
• VAV systems
• Split systems
• Air handling units
Steam and hot water boilers
• Radiant heat
• Electric heating systems
• Make-up air
• Direct fired makeup air
• Computer/data room systems
• Environmental chambers
• Compressor replacements
• Controls
• DDC/Direct Digital Controls
• Refrigerant and refrigerant retrofits
• High efficiency air filters
• Parts, components, for all items above
• Programmable thermostat installation
• Boiler service, repairs and replacement

Plumbing and Facility Maintenance
• Sewer visualization with video scope
• Sewer cleaning and rooting
• Sewer leak detection
• Backflow testing, certification and repair
• Circulation Pump repair and replacement on both domestic and hydronic systems
• Piping service, repairs and replacement
• Plumbing fixture service, repairs and new installations
• Repair stoppages for both branch and main lines
• Tankless water heater installation
• Toilet service, repair and new installation
• Door, lock, latch installation and repair
• Landscaping
• Janitorial Service
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